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Laser Treatment For Men In Abu Dhabi

Come and experience the difference we can make in how you look and feel. Excessive body hair is a common problem which we offer a solution for. The Lounge is equipped with state of the art equipments for IPL treatments that are free of any side effects. We are proud to serve the UAE market with the latest and greatest techniques and equipments.

The Lounge presents Laser IPL Treatment in Abu Dhabi. IPL that is the Intense Pulsed Light is a form of laser treatment that is used for repairing sun damage, healing acne blemishes, reducing the redness of cheeks, and even getting rid of excessive hair. IPL is a wonderful technique in the cosmetic world. Men are meant to be rough and tough and their being affected by scars and lesions can now be treated with IPL. The spots that seemed a permanent feature are now treated to enhance a man's physical feature. What can IPL do for men? Laser IPL Treatment helps men in the following manner: Acne and acne-like blemishes are a problem for many men. IPL targets at the hemoglobin and recovers the redness caused due to rosacea. It eradicates the blitzing of spider veins. IPL improves skin texture and pigmentation. It banishes the fine lines and wrinkles. IPL treatment heals skin that is damaged from long exposure to sunlight. Unwanted hair can be removed using IPL. Why IPL is better than other treatments? IPL is the best choice of treatment for men because, It's not expensive. The procedure is painless. You only feel a warm tingling sensation. It is a quick procedure. The results are long-lasting. This treatment is very effective. Leaves no burns like in waxing. Leaves no scars like in plucking. A reliable and safe technique. Why men need IPL Hair Removal Treatment? Self-grooming is very important, be it females or males. The trend of hair removal for men is very popular now. In the past only swimmers, cyclists, bodybuilders or models used treatments for body hair removal, but now more men are taking this seriously. After all, it makes you feel good about yourself. The way you look depicts your personality. The Lounge in Abu Dhabi is the best to get IPL Hair Removal Treatment from. Popular areas for hair removal: Some of the popular areas for hair removal are, Earlobes, Cheekbones, Chin Neck In-between eyebrows Many use the IPL permanent hair removal technique to thin out the hair on their Chest, Shoulders, Back, Under arms Bikini line. It's very essential for all men to keep themselves clean. This way they'll make a great impression physically. How IPL works? At the optimal hair length of 1-2mm, a gel is applied to a shaved patch, and then a very short pulse of intense broad spectrum light is applied to the treatment area. The light targets the melanocytes and the gel absorbs a large amount of light. Now this large amount of light energy concentrated on a certain exposed area, converts into heat energy. This heat energy then damages the hair follicles, which stop the further growth of hair. Concerns and Safety: The Lounge's highly skilled and expert staff puts a client's need first. Our expertise first discusses with you, gives you a consultation and only provides you with services if it is really your need and not just a desire. All your questions and possible worries are catered and only after our customer's satisfaction the treatment is carried out. IPL treatment for each client is exclusive as it is based on the individual's skin and hair type. We provide you the safest, highest quality, innovative technology in the most comfortable and safe environment. With IPL Hair Removal Treatment you can now get rid of stray, problematic, thick courses or patches of hair. Get the best IPL Hair Removal services in Abu Dhabi, here at The Lounge. We also offer IPL services for reducing the redness caused due to broken capillaries, rejuvenating skin by making it wrinkle free. IPL procedure is best suited for eradicating the fine lines, healing skin damage due to Ultraviolet rays, hair reduction, permanent hair removal, and improving skin color, tone and texture. Get back the glow you once had. Feel young, be happy. Get acquainted with the latest technology that is painless, safe and affordable. Contact today!
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