Price 40 DHS  Duration 15 Minutes

Are you sick of shaving, waxing or tweezing to get rid of unwanted hair around your face? In that case, the threading hair removal method is a solution you might want to give a try. The trained professionals at The Lounge will ensure that this entire service is carried out in the most convenient and least painful manner. And certainly there are no hygiene issues to be worried about either. However, it must also be realised that threading in itself is not a main service. And is performed along with the service of full shave and/or haircut if the customer wishes to obtain it. The service is performed in the least painful manner and is aimed at improving the look of the customer, and plucking hair out of the facial areas where it is not possible to shave.

The Lounge has exclusive private lounges to accommodate services for customers at their discretion and full privacy. Customers are able to avail these exclusive services and maintain their privacy as required.
Additionally, we will be pleased to provide services after working hours at your convenience time or even at your home or office. Also, during holidays, private or public such as Eid or National day, instead of closing, The Lounge still functions to provide services to all its valuable customers if required.
*Terms & Conditions apply.


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